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ALPHABETICA Dec 6th – Dec 8th

‘Alphabetica’ was a special three day exhibition of artists from around the world who collaborated to raise money for the Dandelion Support Network – a not-for-profit organisation that provides much needed baby equipment to less fortunate families in NSW and ACT.

26 local and internationally renowned artists, illustrators and typographers  created their own unique interpretation of a single letter of the alphabet, which was displayed and sold between 6-8th December.  Over 400 people came through the gallery to show their support and close to 20K was raised for the Dandelion Support Network!

More information about the ‘Alphabetica’ exhibition and The Dandelion Support Network can be found at www.alphabetica.org

400 of you lovely folk



Full list of contributors include:

A. Matthew Tapia (http://matthewtapia.tumblr.com/)

B. Chris Haughton (http://www.vegetablefriedrice.com/)

C. Fleur Harris (http://www.fleurharris.com/)

D. Ben Drury (http://www.bendrury.com/) + Mulga the Artist (www.mulgatheartist.tumblr.com)

E. Jeff Rogers (http://howdyjeff.com/)

F. Niky Roehreke (http://www.nikyniky.com/)

G. Andrew Fairclough (http://www.kindredstudio.net/)

H. Bobby Haiqalsyah (http://bobsta14.com/)

I. Paul McNeil (http://www.paulmcneil.com/)

J. David Roberts (http://www.davidrobertsillustration.com/)

K. Numskull (http://www.funskull.com/)

L. Rudi De Wet (http://rudidewet.com/)

M. Dave Park (http://www.maud.com.au/)

N. Paul Nolan (http://www.pnodesign.com.au/)

O. Greedy Hen (http://www.greedyhen.com/work/)

P. Andrea Innocent (http://www.otoshimono.org/)

Q. Jean Jullien (http://jeanjullien.com/)

R. Craig & Karl (http://craigandkarl.com/)

S. Will Lynes (http://lynesandco.com/)

T. Luca Ionescu (http://www.luca.com.au/)

U. Silvia Portella (http://hellobukubuku.wordpress.com/)

V. MaricorMaricar (http://maricormaricar.com/)

W. Steve Wilson (http://www.stevewilson.ca/)

X. Steven Wilson (http://wilson2000.com/)

Y. Luke Lucas (http://www.lukelucas.com/)

Z. Martin Harris (http://www.martinharrisart.com/)


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